Hammer drilling

ImageThe method can be used to construct self-flowing pipe or sleeve pipe systems.

The equipment consists of a drilling device, power station and air compressor or mixer.

The pipes are usually installed from pit to pit.

After the pits have been prepared, the drilling device is installed in the starting pit, the angle of pipes is determined with a digital level and the drilling is carried out. The angle of pipes is verified during drilling.

The borehole is drilled with a compressed air hammer, using sleeve pipes with a screw conveyor which carries out the soil. The pipes are regular iron pipes. The method also allows to drill plastic pipes without metal sleeve.

Pros (+) Cons (-)
Can be used in all types of soil, incl. limestone and granite Requires prepared starting and finishing pits
Enables to drill sleeves with a predetermined angle and self-flowing pipes Instalment depth and level of surface water affect installation costs
Does not require additional anchoring or supporting walls to receive the working pressure of the device  Prior investigation of soil necessary
Minimal soil displacement
Minimal disturbance of traffic