Construction and renovation of piping systems by the no-dig method

Torustike ehitus ja renoveerimine kinnisel meetodilBefore starting the designs, it is reasonable to consider different options, whether to perform the works in the traditional open trench method, renovating without trench, i.e. the closed method, or as a combination. The optimal solution depends on several circumstances – the state of the pipes, the conditions of the soil and the level of surface water, the surrounding environment (stopping traffic for the construction and restoring road surfacing), the relief of the ground etc.

Advantages of the closed method compared to open digging

The environmental aspect

  • smaller volume of ground displacement
  • smaller need for machinery
  • smaller volume of restoring the ground and ground covering
  • smaller air pollution and noise

The technical aspect

  • shorter period of construction
  • smaller effect of construction in the case of surface water
  • smaller cost depending on the depth of pipes, backfilling and flatworks
  • possibility to perform works in locations where open diggings are not possible
  • smaller hazard of breaking other communication lines
  • smaller indirect costs (e.g. closing traffic, traffic jams etc.)

The aspect of safety

  • smaller risk of work safety, especially for a great depth of piping systems installation
  • smaller safety risk for residents, as the area of open pits is minimal
  • smaller risk of soil collapse