TükksujutusThe method can be used for renovate depreciated self-flowing pipe systems if it is permitted to decrease the diameter of the existing pipes. The set of equipment has additional devices to push the pipe and the power station.

The old pipes are pressure washed before starting the works and camera observation is used to check for blockages in the section of the pipe to be renovated. The installation chute with a pusher is installed in the bottom of the existing well, which is used to push reinforced PE-pipe modules with the length of 0.5 m into the old pipe. The modules are equipped with a special locking connector which prevents the disconnection of the modules in the old pipe. Works are performed from well to well, digging works are not necessary except for so-called blind connection spots. In principle, organizing overpumping is not necessary for the works. If necessary, the gap between the walls of the new and old pipe are filled with foam concrete after installation.

Pros (+) Cons (-)
Quick installation Requires foam concrete in certain cases
Large length of installation Digging necessary for blind connections
 Enables turns in up to 5 degrees Decreases the diameter of the pipe