Cementing wells

auguprits2The method is used for making existing observation wells and reservoirs watertight. Also known as torcreting. The equipment used is a mixing device with an injector and a compressor.

In the first stage, the well to be reconstructed is cleaned (with pressure washing) from dirt and sediments. In the second stage, leaks in the well are eliminated (holes, cracks where water seeps into the well) with a special plasticine-like substance and if necessary, the bottom of the well is profiled with a flow trench. In the third stage, the entire inner surface of the well is coated with an even layer and in the final stage, the final layer is applied, finishing the water-tightness of the well.

This method is not intended to increase the strength of the wall of the well, but only to stop infiltration, which is why it always pays for the contracting party to evaluate the actual condition of the wells beforehand.

Pros (+) Cons (-)
No complicated digging works Does not give better endurance to the walls of the well for external pressure, only stops infiltration
A quick and effective method of reconstruction